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5 Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Business

“Social media is just a passing fad”, this was recently proved another as old wives’ tale. Most business are relying on social media for advertising and marketing their products and services. If you are thinking of getting into it, here are some benefits of social media.

You Get To Enjoy Invaluable Insights of Customers

Social media has the ability to create an immense amount of data regarding your consumers in real time; how many tweets, trending hashtags, customer preferences, Facebook likes and what pictures and videos are trending on Instagram. These numbers and data give you an idea about the ideal customer base; what they prefer, who they are, their demographics and their feelings about the brand.

Make yourself active on the social media platforms and make sure to follow protocols the likes of social listening. You can gather information on the customers that are relevant to your prospective decisions related to the business. You can resort to social media marketing consulting from well reputed firms to gain a professional interpretation of the consumer sentiment and other important data.

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You Get To Boost Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty

When you are present on social media, it is much easier for your consumers to reach you. With the ease of internet access all over the world, customers tend to conduct some research on almost every product they purchase. If you specialize in a product that is successful and fulfil a specific need significant to the consumers make sure you get the satisfied consumers to write successful reviews and testimonials that would convince them to purchase the product.

You Get To Publish Targeted Ads

The social ads are a great and an inexpensive method to advertise your products and services and distribute relevant content to the products and services. It is a powerful and an amazingly effective way to target the accurate audience. For example, it is possible to now set the age and the location of the target audience on Facebook. Also, you can run a campaign on LinkedIn by specifying the location, the company, the gender and even the job title. Plus it provides a great way to measure how the campaigns are performed in real time.

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You Get To Generate Rich Experiences

Although you might have not been on social media for the last decade and have led a successful business plan, you might want to get on it as your customers expect you to do it. Statistics reveal that almost 67% of the consumers tend to go on social media for research purposes. And they expect a quick response as well as customer service throughout the entire day. The studies show that the companies that engage in an impressive social customer service experience better annual financial returns.

You Get To Enjoy a Boost in Traffic and Even Google Search Ranking

This is another one of the great benefits that social media helps you experience. Social media directs the consumers to your website and the more social media shares there are, the higher the tendency that you would experience a boost in Google search ranking.

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