How Is You Website Doing On Usability?

There are many details that can affect the user-friendliness or the usability of your website that can ultimately have a lot to do with the kind of customer base that you will be able to reach. This is called the usability of a website. This can actually make your website or pretty much just break it. The standard approach nowadays for almost every website is to focus on the convenience of the user rather than how it was back in the day, which was more focused on profits. The reasoning is simple, what good is a website if people can’t use it?

Make Sure the Speed Is Good

The one thing that can really put people off the website is the kind of time that it takes for it to load. Sometimes you need to simply sit and stare at the loading screen for minutes and minutes before it loads up and then too it might be missing the images. You will need to make sure that you double check this with the company that provides you with the site server support. Their downtime needs to be good, everything needs to be uploaded to the right folders and the website must always work like clockwork. If you just do a bit of reading on sites such as you will be able to get some basic insight that can really help you out a lot.

Always Follow the F Pattern

People it seems, according to studies that were conducted, have a tendency to look at a web page in the form of the letter F. Basically they will look at the navigation bar on the top, then scan downwards and start looking across again before continuing downward. People in general like to go through web pages as fast and efficiently as they possibly. So even if you have all the right facilities, if you have too much content and people cannot find what they are looking for easily, they will give up.

The Content on Your Website Needs To Be Efficient Too

Unless the service that you are providing is actually in the form of long articles, the majority of the people who are coming in to see your site will be there to get something that they need doing and then be on their way. They will not try to analyse paragraphs of text trying to find a needle in the haystack. The average user will only look at about 28% of the text on a website so make the most of that window and make sure that you only include what is important with bullet points and highlighted fonts to emphasize on the main factors. If you do plan on having an intro text make sure that that is short and to the point as well. In addition to this avoid displaying welcome notes as that will not create a good impression anyway and nobody will really care about it either.


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